Triple Falls in Dupont State Rec Forest

Where Are the Best Asheville Hiking Trails?

What comes to mind at the mention of Asheville? Biltmore, craft breweries, art… With so much natural beauty, HIKING should be on your list. We cover the best Asheville hiking trails so you can savor mountain views, waterfalls, and more!
Path to A-frame cabins at Wrong Way Campground

Wrong Way Campground Is the Best Way To Stay in Asheville

Asheville offers many city and natural attractions. Stay at an urban cabin campground for easy access to both. Wrong Way Campground is the best way to stay in Asheville!
Biltmore, Asheville, coffee shops in Asheville

Kickstart Your Day With These Top Asheville Coffee Shops

Asheville boasts many attractions. With so many great things to see and do, their fantastic coffee shops often get overlooked. Check out these top Asheville coffee shops to stay energized during your trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains.
things to do in Joshua Tree - visit Barker Dam

25 Awesome Things To Do in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is a desert world of strange rocks and trees that is a blast to explore. We cover 25 things for you to do on your adventure in Joshua Tree National Park.
top view photography of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay

Want to Visit Alcatraz? Here is What You Need To Know

Are you ready for your Alcatraz escape? We cover everything you need to know to visit the mysterious island.
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

25 Fun Things To Do in San Francisco

A trip to San Francisco is an absolute treat. We outline 25 fun things to do in San Francisco during your visit.


Great Basin National Park

Love Nature but Despise Crowds? Visit These National Parks

Although fantastic, most U.S. national parks draw large crowds. So, where can you go when you love nature but despise crowds?
Kissimmee birding - roseate spoonbill

Is Kissimmee Going to the Birds?

Kissimmee, Florida is known for theme parks. It is also one of America’s best birding areas. What rare birds can you spot in Kissimmee?
a group of brown bears standing on top of a waterfall

Are the 8 Alaska National Parks Worth the Journey?

The 8 Alaska national parks require more effort and planning to reach than most parks. Are these parks worth the journey?
woman and woman sitting on dock both holding one smartphone

Cheap Places to Travel: More Adventure for Less Money

Traveling is great but it can get costly. Where can you get more adventure for less money? Some of these may surprise you!
people on beach during daytime

The Best Puerto Rico Resorts for Your Dream Getaway

Puerto Rico offers tropical climates, charming beaches, and rich culture. But, where are the best Puerto Rico resorts for your dream getaway?
man in gray top sailing with red canoe boat during daytime

Say Happy Birthday to These 5 National Parks in June

As we head into summer, we honor our national parks with a June birthday. Do you know which parks were established in June?
body of water during daytime

Where Are the Best Beaches in the US?

Where are the best beaches in the US? Dr. Beach has spoken. Here is the definitive list!
Disney characters at Disney World

Best Time To Go to Disney World: Your Top 5 Considerations

Although a lot of fun, Disney World draws huge crowds. So, when is the best time to go to Disney World?



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