Part of Amehkwa Trail in Green Heron MetroPark

Visit the New Green Heron MetroPark in Hamilton, Ohio


Have you visited Hamilton’s newest park?  Green Heron MetroPark opened to the public June 4, 2022.  We cover everything you need to know about the primitive conservation area.  If you enjoy the solitude of nature, get ready to visit Green Heron MetroPark.

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Most likely, parks are not the first thing that come to mind when someone mentions Hamilton, Ohio.  If you have not gone to any of the Butler County MetroParks, you should give them a try.  Butler County offers beautiful, well-maintained parks where you can enjoy nature.  

Green Heron is a welcome addition to to the team.  It is a 46-acre park nestled along Indian Creek.  I would describe it as a nature preserve.  Although farmland and a few small businesses are not far away, this area has been insulated from man

If you seek peaceful nature walks and birdwatching, you may have found your new home.  There are lots of trees in the park.  With Indian Creek and Miami River nearby, marshlands are obscured behind the forest.  The shallow water attracts plenty of wildlife, including wading birds.

It can be difficult to find sanctuary from the stress of daily life.  Green Heron MetroPark cordially invites you to her garden of serenity.  The park offers a one-mile primitive trail, opportunity to observe wildlife and appreciate nature.



Green Heron MetroPark is located in Ross Township within Hamilton.  The address is: 2161 New London Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45013.

You can use the interactive map to obtain directions.


Green Heron MetroPark is open daily from 8:00 am until dark.


There is a small parking lot and a portable restroom near the entrance.

Entrance fees

A motor vehicle permit is required.  The park is free to Butler County residents.  For non-residents, the cost is $8 a day, or $15 for the year.

Things to Do

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Birding
  • Observing wildlife

Amehkwa Trail

Amehkwa Trail at Green Heron MetroPark
Trailhead for Amehkwa Trail

You can hike Amehkwa Trail, a 1.1 mile primitive trail loop.  It is the perfect nature trailfor day hikes, wildlife observation or a trail run.

The trailhead is accessed just off the parking lot.  Within a hundred yards or so, you will feel removed from civilization. The hiking area is surrounded by trees, tall grass and wildflowers.  The term “primitive trail” is accurate.

The habitat is varied on this easy hike with little to no elevation change.  You will wind through wooded areas, cross a meadow and hike along the outskirts of wetlands.

There are several small hills along the path.  There is no real elevation gain, but the terrain is uneven.  

Note that the trail can be wet and muddyHiking shoes are recommended.  If running, go with trail running shoes.

Amehkwa Trail is a great opportunity to enjoy nature’s solitude.  On our first visit, we saw several types of birds, a deer and a toad.  The park is very peaceful.  It is such a wonderful place to walk, run and explore.

Bird species

Many different bird species can be found in the park.  You can birdwatch in the forest and in a small, open meadow.  While hiking Amehkwa Trail, it is common to see birds fly across your path ahead.  You will hear many birds singing in the trees above.

You may spot waterbirds such as great blue herons and green heronsCommon backyard birds such robins, woodpeckers, blue jays and cardinals inhabit the park.  Hawks and owls have been observed in the area as well.

Bring your binoculars for a closer viewIf you are newer to birdwatching like Julie and I, consider purchasing the birds of North America field guide.  It is such a great tool for bird identification.  Julie and I use this guide when we are out exploring.  We love it!


Toad in Green Heron MetroPark
Toad near Amehkwa Trail in Green Heron MetroPark

With large wooded sections, deer and squirrels inhabit Green Heron MetroPark.  Rabbit sightings are possible in the grassy areas.

You may encounter toads and snakes.  Thankfully, we did not come across any snakes.  However, we spotted a few toads on our visits.


As much as I enjoy nature, I am not fond of bugs.  With shallow water nearby and plenty of vegetation along the hiking trail, the park is a breeding ground for insects.  You may encounter mosquitoes, flies, gnats, dragonflies and more.  Be sure to pack insect repellent.


If you are looking for a paved path, this is not the place for you.  

The park beckons to those longing to escape in nature.  The environment is perfect for birdwatching, nature walks and day hikes along a primitive trail in a quiet, undisturbed setting.  This is a rare treasure in today’s world!

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